CZ8-LAN IAQ Monitor


  • ControZone CZ8-LAN Energy Management & IAQ Monitor

    The ControZone CZ8-LAN is an IAQ monitoring device with remote computer display with internet protocol.  It tracks and displays VOC, CO2, temperature, and relative humidity.  Can be programmed to send an alert if IAQ is not within the set range.  Saves on operating cost while ensuring IAQ is always at an optimum level.  Allows for remote access through IP.  Provides a time history with instantaneous records of all IAQ parameters.

Four Individual sensors provide continuous and rapid response to changing environmental conditions of VOC/Odor, CO2, Temperature, and RH. Each Sensor provides 0-10 VDC Analog Output for interface to MS/BAS. Has 5 NO Dry Contacts, user assignable to any IAQ parameter. Provides accurate, precise, and timely input to operate IAQ Improvement and Energy Reduction Devices. Results in near perfect Indoor Air Quality, with optimum savings in operating cost. Pays for itself in few years.
Cover with Pilot Lamp to indicate Power On. All readings, controls and functions accessed remotely through IP. Compatible for BAC net, Modbus, or EtherNet communication protocol. Fully programmable remotely on Computer through IP.

CZ8-LAN accessed on IP provides Reports based on user set time intervals, in MS word, Excel or PDF formats. Performs continuous audits on IAQ and Energy consumed by HVAC System. Provides instant alerts if IAQ is not within set values, or if energy consumed is not within optimum limits.




Tracks IAQ parameters: - Temperature, RH, VOC, and CO2

BACnet, ModBus, and EtherNet compatibility

Provides time history and instantaneous records of all IAQ parameters, remotely through IP

All functions, management, data access, retrieval, programming and control features may be performed globally/remotely through IP

Ensures HVAC System operates at optimum IAQ conditions, combined with optimum energy consumption. Issues alerts automatically if the operation is out of user set optimum range. Results in incredible savings in Op Ex of the HVAC System

0 to 10 V VDC Analog output to BMS

5 Relays with Dry Contacts, user selectable and assignable to any IAQ parameter

Displays all parameters in quantifiable user selected units

Microprocessor driven with conductors gold plated 24 carat 3 microns to ensure conductor and traces integrity and resolution remain unaltered. Combination of this and HMOS sensing element makes these suitable for continuous 24/7 operation without the need to re calibrate the monitors, and yet provide accuracy to acceptable levels

UL listed as Energy Management Device to UL 916

CE Certified

Suitable to operate as Standalone Mini BMS

Conventional BMS requires data cable for each parameter from each monitor for connection to the main control computer. This is expensive. CZ8-LAN does not require this. All it needs is a simple cost effective RJ 45 cable from monitor to RJ 45 wall jack. Upon this, the monitor downloads data to clouds. Further to this, all information is accessed through clouds remotely and globally. All historic data is maintained in the clouds


    UL 916 Listed               CERTIFIED


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