What Is A Valance Unit?

Valance heating and cooling units utilize hydronic coils mounted in an architectural enclosure in order to provide heating and cooling for the occupied space.  The units are generally mounted near the ceiling along an outside wall.  In NuClimate’s standard valance units (Model VAL) the coils operate with natural convection and radiation to provide heating and cooling into the spaces.  NuClimate’s Model VAL-FA  incorporates the use of a 12 volt DC fan to provide greater capacities and better temperature distribution in the space.  NuClimate’s Valance system has a chilled water/hot water coil and it receives its water supply from the system’s pumps.  Water is supplied by either the system’s boilers or chillers to send hot or cold water to the valance coil.  The hot or cold water passing through the coils creates a temperature difference which induces room air to flow through the coil and thus produces hot or cold air.  As the Valance Unit chills the air around it, the air becomes denser and falls to the floor.   It is replaced by warmer air moving up from below, causing a constant flow of convection and cooling the room.  Heating works in much the same fashion, similar to a steam radiator.   The Thermostat controls the flow of water to the Valance Unit to ensure room comfort is maintained.  With the VAL-FA system, a 12 volt DC fan assists natural convection to provide greater airflow through the coil.  This produces higher capacities and better air circulation and temperature distribution across the occupied space.  Valance units are quiet,  efficient and very easy to maintain.  Both two pipe and four pipe systems are available.

The NuClimate Valance unit comes with an optional independent drain pan.  This allows for condensate to properly and efficiently drain without using the enclosure as the drain pan.  The drain can be properly sloped to ensure 1”slope for every 10 Feet.  Multiple drain pans can be cascaded in series to extend the drainage system.  The NuClimate drain pan is designed to factory-set the slope.  The contractor hangs the drain pan, using a slot system to slope the drain.  Since the drain pan is independent, the exterior enclosure is not sloped.  This means that the enclosure will fit better while still allowing aesthetic considerations such as custom shapes and profiles

NuClimate prides itself on being a terminal unit manufacturer.  We continue this tradition in the design of our Valance Unit.  The covers are removable and lockable (if required), installed with fasteners to eliminates the concern of the cover inadvertently coming off the rail, while also being easy to remove for maintenance personnel.  The aluminum extrusions are gasketed at the factory to insure that the coil does not transfer cold temperatures to the aluminum extrusions.

Model VAL

Model VAL-FA (Fan Assist)

Company News

Engineering Upgrade Announced

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing new versions of its QLS (24" x 48") and Q1/Q1L (24" x 24") 1-way blow Chilled Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011.  This engineering upgrade will allow contractors to easily select left and right hand configurations to meet installtion demands.

Release of 2-Way Blow Induction Beam

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that it will be releasing a 2-way blow Induction Beam unit during the 1st quarter of 2011. The unit will be available in two sizes 24" x 24" and 48" x 24". It will feature a fully functional drainpan in case latent conditioning is necessary. The unit will be available in 2 and 4 pipe configurations.

NuClimate announces Partnership with Carrier

June 1, 2012 NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc. is please to announce a new exclusive partnership with Carrier Air Conditioning for the OEM supply of its Chilled/Induction Beam line. Carrier's expertise and engineering tools will take this product to the next level! Stay tuned for more and check out our representative map for new representatives around the US and abroad.

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